Why should you use QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is an ideal business and accounting software we use for accounting purposes. It saves time on the book
keeping and paperwork because many of simple book keeping software tasks are handled automatically making it very easier to run own’s business.

There is various accounting software available in the market these days and they are much used far and wide and are very costly as well such as Tally ERP, Eezy Bee, SAP Business, SAP ERP, Fresh Books, Tryton and many more… however, these¬†software consumes time and are not so much useful to mankind. These days an Accounting Software is being used by various people and it is costly.

QuickBooks is a set of cloud-based accounting software solutions offered in the SAAS model. It is designed by Intuit used to manage payroll, inventory, sales and other needs of a small business. It was founded by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx in the USA in the year 1983.

Intuit announced its release of Quickbooks 2015 with enhanced features that include Improved Income Tracker, pinned notes, improved registration process and Insights on the home page are some general changes of Quickbooks 2015.

It’s International versions are also available in various markets such as Intuit’s Canadian, British and Australian versions that support unique text calculations i.e. GST, HST or PST, sales tax European VAT for United Kingdom Edition and Australian GST’s tax. Quickbooks has millions of users and estimates of around 85-90% of the business accounting market that’s why it’s a top accounting software provider among American Business.

Some quick reasons you should use QuickBooks:

  • It saves your time as well as money.
  • Easily generate your report which helps you know where your business stands and how well you are doing.
  • Helps you grow your business.
  • Customize QuickBooks the way you want. It is highly flexible and easy to use.
  • It has proved itself to be a reliable, safe and stable accounting software.
  • QuickBooks payroll service helps you send and receive payments easily.

Criticisms: For payroll table updates users forced to pay by the 1999 Quickbooks Software Versions. However, the 2000 version of Quickbooks allows users to pay an additional fee for payroll tax updates for each company files. But after a boycott, the fee changed to one charge per copy.

Here are some more reasons Mark J Kohler explains why every small business owner should LOVE QuickBooks. Watch out!

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